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Hello peeps,

Yes, believe it or not, I'm back :) It feels good to blog again after a while of hectic-ness and the unavailability to blog about random stuffs around me. There are too many things that I wish to share this time, but I'll save some for another time :)

Currently I'm in the Charles Seale- Hayne library of the University of Plymouth. Blame Marjon library for having not enough of the books! Ahah, you read me right, I'm in the library... currently taking a break from my current coursework completion. Enough about my coursework. Now, how are you doing? Did u have a good weekend? *an inappropriate question to be asked on days upon reaching the following weekend lols*

The hectic-ness I faced before has made me sick for almost a week. I had a fever and a flu on my birthday. I don't consider that as bad enough since I have lovable friends around me to celebrate my birthday. It was crazy. But I like it. I'll blog more about my birthday celebs in the future. Remind me about that! :)

Right. Now I'm running out of idea. Catch y'all soon! Peace out!

-nukilan al yang chantek ahakz :P-
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2 Responses
  1. dannyism Says:

    aritu kte nk celebrate bday ngn mmy?? ooo, lari dr umh ye?? huhu.. happy belated bday bby doll! may God bless u :)

  2. alorh! sori mmy! mmy tngkap jgak ahernya..huhu..sumpah len kali xlari dr rmh lg..haha..tq mumsie! i may come nxt month :) when isit, it's gonna b a surprise! mbe tat time we clbrate together k :) altho da belated na mampos da :))