aurelia alviana Fedora
It's lovely to have music accompanying you in everything you do. Music helps to cheer your day, music helps to soothe your uneasiness, and honestly, music is like a part of what I have to have in everyday's life. Without music in a day, it feels incomplete. Trust me, I love music very much. As much as I love make-ups and hairdos :) It's the ladies' nature. Can't blame much. Lols.

It was really solemn. I tried not to listen to any music in these few days, but I can't. I choose to listen few soothing Christian songs instead. I can't listen to those funky ones, the celebration hasn't begun yet. At least, it helps to calm me down. And at times, helps me much in reflecting what I had done in the past few days, and months, and years. And I cried. Forgive me, Jesus.

Music is beautiful/ But when the music stops, all that's left is silence...

-nukilan al yang chantek ahakz :P-
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