aurelia alviana Fedora
Fantasy no.1: owning lots and lots of money till I don't even know what the heck I should invest on with the money.
Reality no.1: I am just a student with just a 'cukup-cukup makan' money and sometimes even supported by mak bapak (what the heck?? Wake up!! U're 21 ody!!!) for some moolah... XP

Fantasy no.2: staying in a mansion on a cliff nearby a beach with a very big swimming pool on top of the roof and a very big car porch which can accommodate at least 5 super expensive and money-smell car...wahahah!!!
Reality no.2: staying in a semi-detached house with a very big garden at the back of the house and occupied by a Shih Tzu by the name of Hency, a Persian breed by the name of Joey, at least five species of birds, a pair of tortoises adn I-can't-even-count-how-many species of orchids...and a car porch which can accomodate at least 3 cars and 1 MPVs...alaa..bolehlaa tuu...hahaa...

Fantasy no.3:marrying someone like Robert Pattinson or Taylor Lautner.
Reality no.3: Berangan! Besides, I have my own love of my life. Hahahaha!!!

Fantasy no.4:nak duduk goyang kaki kt rumah jadi mak datin.
Reality no.4: After some time in England I'll be back to Malaysia and have to wake up as early as 5 in the morning to prepare to go to school TO TEACH..not to study!!! @#$%^&*...fufufu...

Fantasy no.5: wearing almost new outfits, one per day in 365 days. lalala~~
Reality no.5: hahahahaha... :P
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