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Last one, I was talking about the 'sambal belacan'. Somehow, I felt that I am craving for fried salted fish. Eheh. But not to the extent that I really wanted the 'ikan long', but I prefer the small dried salted fish because once when you have fried it, you can just eat it like you crave for a keropok.Yummy. But salty :P

ikan masin goreng kering

When I was a small girl I never liked the 'ikan masin goreng'. Be it the dried one or the a-bit-juicy (i don't even know how to describe it, but the flesh is a bit "basah2" laa) one, I never liked salted fish. I don't even know why.I don't have the feeling to crave something like that. I started to crave for dried salted fish...the dried one...maybe after I went to Gaya. Yupp. There was one time when I brought the salted fish and fried it using my rice cooker. Luckily the rice cooker can still be used till now. Or else I am 100% sure my mum would slaughter me. :)

On one side, I don't prefer much the salted fish definitely because of the taste. NO VITAMINS. Yet, the sensation of eating such delicacy is there and for sure it will make you lick your finger clean. :) On the other hand, I am lucky because I don't have ecszema. Some people will have ecszema after eating food which contains high amount of salt, particularly belachan (eyt, dialek ape tuh?) and salted fish. I thank God for that. XD

I think that's all for now. Wanna see if got any ice-cream left in the fridge.Till then, chalo bete!!~
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