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I thank God because I was born in this so-called multi-racial country named MALAYSIA. :) Despite of the small chaos that occurs everywhere, I still can go to school, hanging out with my friends because my friends came from various kinds of races. I have friends who are Malay, Chinese, Indian, Kadazan, Dusun, Iban, Kenyah, Kayan, and the list goes on. I am truly happy for that. Despite of the people's friendliness here, I also like the delicacies which makes your mouth really waters. However, I will only be talking about one type of Asian delicacy which i savour most: the SAMBAL BELACAN.

The sambal belacan
The sambal belacan, also known as the shrimp paste, is not really being liked by everyone because of the awful smell as well as the smell of the breath after having it as one of your choice which comes along with the rice or raw vegies. However, it is still popular among the Asian as the sweetness, the saltiness as well as the sourness blends together creating a sensation that really melts in your mouth. It is a very simple delicacy as you will only need two red onions, some anchovies, chillies and a bit of 'belacan' which acts as the secret weapon in making this mouth-watering savoury a finger-licking delicacy. (kalah KFC :))

I love eating sabal belacan. Why yes, I love it very much when it comes to eating 'linut' (a Melanau traditional delicacy...which the Sabahans do call it as 'ambuyat') and raw vegies (I called them 'ulam.:D) I hope I still can make one when I am in UK already. Well, I this is it. Till then, chalo bete!
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2 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    hihi..apa la makan linut ya...x bes..kita makan mee kolok babi ka...haram eh..dah la bulan posa..

  2. aurelia Says:

    pduli mak bpknya haram sya..haha..
    btol eyh,ku lupak nak ngkah mi kolok.LOL.tqs 4 rminding me :)