aurelia alviana Fedora

i really hate this period of time.i dun know why.sometimes when i ask for it the time will never come.yet the things go otherwise when i dont ask for it.crap.what am i talking about?it doesnt make sense but i'm pretty sure some of the people out there knows what is going on with me now.

hey,don't take it seriously kay.being a girl is normal for me when i feel awkward during 'the season of red'...which i prefer to call it such way...or for other girls, datang bulan..(nak jugak aku cakap terang2...aduish). yeap,i faced this kinda problem since my period never run smooth.there are times when i didnt have my period for months but when things happen, i began to worry. everything changes upside down when 'bendera jepon naek'.so irritating, but i have to bear with it since i'm a normal lady.and i'm proud to be one.full stop.

how does it feel to be a normal lady? i believe that i am experiencing it now.LOL.crap; what am i talking about?nonsense. well, i think i will stop here. till then, tata!!~~
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