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Everything has it's own bureaucracy. Until sometimes you yourself will get irritated because of the administration system. I was studying in this so-called educational institution for the past two years for my Foundation programme. What I want to highlight here may seem to be a small matter, but how I wish that the administration system of this so-called institution really gets my annoyance to the utmost.

I started my study period in this I-don't-even-want-to-mention-the-name institution as soon as my matrix holidays were over. I went back to pack my things instead of unpack it, like what everyone does after the holidays. The next day, I did not enter my lecture class and even my tutorial class because I need to hand in my resignation letter. Crap. That was one thing I regret at first, because the following week, I received news from my colleagues that I received an amount of money from Yayasan Sarawak. Forget about it. Not long after that, my daddy arrived and we both rushed straightaway to catch a flight from Labuan to Kota Kinabalu. Kota Kinabalu, here I come! (and that was two years ago.)

Well, that was not the focal point I wanted to stress out here, but what I wanted to mention is about my RM300 which includes a college T-shirt with the college sweater and the college track bottoms, matric card and a name tag. Guess what, until today I only received my college sweater, my college track bottoms, and the matric card. The name tag? I won't count because Mr.X (not the real name) has promised to make a new one for me. The college T-shirt? Along with the crap in it. I don't even see any traces of it. Luckily they changed the adminintration system, though only that particular section. I just wanted to pinpoint the section that Mr.X holds before. I think I regret now when my daddy paid the fees straightaway to him. Why don't I think of paying through the bank instead before? It's useless now because the rice had already turned into porridge (Malay proverb)

I think that's another kind of human stupidity I have encountered. I will tell more in time to come. Till then, chalo bete!
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