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LIFE'S like been pranked hectically lately. Not enuf sleep? it's a common thingy. not enuf time 2 eat? erm... no comment... bad time management? hey, what m0re 2 blame? just kip ur m0uth shut laa....

i'm tired 0f listening 2 people's critics...whats0ever...n i wish n0t 2 fret anym0re. it's just like u urself r facing this kinda problem while d actual thingy is every0ne wh0 still p0ssess d title 'student' faces d same thingy! yet, th0se wh0 r whining n fretting can be c0unted by fingers 0n 0ne hand! where r d 0thers? r they patient enuf 2 face these kinda situati0n?

yes, patience is a virtue...but h0w if there is sum0ne wh0 always try 2 push u back 2 d wall and n0t letting u 2 step f0rward? 2 make it even w0rse, that particular pers0n l00ks like trying 2 let d0wn ur spirit, n0t pushing u up 4ward, enc0uraging u 2 make it 2 ur future...that sucks man!!! BULLSHIT!!!!

why dis kinda people still exist in this w0rld? why d0nt they just mind their 0wn w0rds n kip in 2 themselves? aftr all, their w0rds r nt killing themselves either... im tired 0f listening 2 such kinda people. sumtimes, 2 make it even look worse, i just wish they c0uld disappear from this face 0f earth... but i kn0w i c0uldn't... they have d rights 2 play their parts, t0o. this is what we call as 'psych0l0gy'... duhh... whatever...

it's am0st half past six and i still have language devel0pment class 2day. nid 2 prepare 4 my presentati0n. k la...till we meet again, kip 0n fretting and whining...=(
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2 Responses
  1. psychomaniac Says:

    "psychology"ekk?? heheh.. yalah kwu.. ada kwn psycho xmk minta tolong.. kihkihkihkih... apa2 jak lah yg kwu fhm ttg psychoa al, al.. hrmm... biasalah ya student.. huhu.. k k, dh.. cuckoo!! hehe..

  2. aurelia Says:

    bkn apa bha vell...mun 0rg dh sakit jiwa nak plh gne kan..haha...