aurelia alviana Fedora
erk...n0thing much 2 say...but well, where shud i start??

well...i'll start by stating d0wn d date march 10th, 2008..

i woke up this morning,still feeling damn dr0wsy but i kn0w I HAVE TO!!! unless i wanna face terrible headache the wh0le day long. n0w d beluved maktab is having d mid sem h0ls but i am...still stuck up in sabah...cuz I DUN WANNA G0 BAK H0ME!!! (wasting my papa money jerr...) enj0ying my h0ls ere wif my EHEM2!!!!! switie moochey2 boyfriend--HAHA!!!-- apart from all th0se ASSIGNMENTS!!!-eyy MARJONians, r u d0ing ur assgnmnts??haha- then cley and i 'rajin2kn diri' went surfing d net at -ala,mcm biasalaa...d mna lg klu bkn BLOK E ksygn tuu...mcm nda paham bha kaw nie...- bef0re my L0VEY D0VEY b0yfriend suddenly appr0ached me...alaa,biasa bha tuu klaw 0rg sda krnduan -haha!!!!- then we went f0r a walk -pusing2 DALAM MAKTAB ja bha...- bef0re we had 0ur lunch -a plate 0f MIHUN G0RENG CAMPUR and KUEY TE0W BASAH- at..erm...wat's d name ady...ALADDIN...sthg lyk dat laa... then lepak2 lg d0ing sthg secret HAHA!!! bef0re str0lling al0ng d waterfr0nt 0f d majestic K0TA KINABALU -cheh!!- and then hav 2 'bazir' arund rm12 bak 2 d 'luvable' MAKTAB... hmm... c0mplete 0ne day...isit?? hehe... well.... alviana bha...taw2 sja laa...wawawa~~!!!!!
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  1. psychomaniac Says:

    weyh al.. gila bha ko nie.. huhuu.. apa2 saja lah yg ko blog nie?? hehe.. hey, nway i got ur blog linked to mine d..wanna know how to make a link?? Well, i gues u better go on9 and chat with me to giv' u instructions.. very easy steps though.. heheh...

    "wat m0re 2say hah??" Well, i guess there's nthg more to be said.. heheh..