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I know, you don't have to tell me. I know, I know. I should be doing my activity plan (note that THE DEADLINE IS TOMORROW: I'M SO DEAD!) and yeah, I'm here crapping on my beloved bloggerspace blahhh!!! A form of procrastination you should've notice since my early days as a student lol :p

Anyways, yeah. I didn't realise that I've come to the end of my life as a 3rd year undergraduate student in Marjon, and 5th year as a teacher trainee. One more year to go and I'm a qualified English teacher! How time flies. I remembered those days when we gathered together at KL International Airport on September 26th 2009, when we first flew together. Only God knows what kind of faces we pull when we have to meet our counterparts and fly together with them. Embarking our journey together in the UK, being mixed and being put in two different groups, Raleigh and Drake.

3 years have passed. It has been 3 years we sat together in Room 168, listening to only God knows what kind of lectures we have, what theories we have learned and the hardships we went through just to jump out of the bed, having to attend 9am lectures almost every days during the week. Now, we're going to be separated again. Back to square one, where we were first known as the Gaya and the KB groups. Why? We went through the bittersweet moments together for 3 freaking years, and now we're going to be separated again when our journey is nearly towards the finishing line...? I'm going to miss you, Raleigh, as much as the Drakes will miss each other, and each and everyone of us, despite the different institution and the different groups we were place; because we are united as one big family.

I'm going to miss you guys, soon. :'(

 the Raleighs, together with Nick.

 the B.Ed (Hons) TESL Cohort 1 Cycle 3, UCP Marjon, Plymouth, United Kingdom

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