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Olla, peeps. I am back. After 7 friggin' days of no internet (damn u network server!) and endless attempts of winning Mahjong Titans and few attempts of trying to win the double suit Spider Solitaire, I'm back in the virtual world. So, smile :) Yea, sure.

As usual, I'll be crapping first and if this bores you, you may stop reading and leave this page. If you feel interested enough to read through the post, you are more than welcome to do so. Well, I'm doing fine, so far, I think. Basically, I'm being haunted by the assignments at the moment and there are tonnes of readings I need to do, but ahh well, the student's nature tells me to procrastinate more than moving my bloody arse to be in front of the Microsoft Word 2010 as always to get on with the bloody work. Pardon my language, people. It's just me with my daily rants procrastinations.

Farewells and more farewells soon. 9 days from now, that'll be exactly a month before I head home to the beloved motherland. For good. For real. Yes people, you read me right. I'm going back soon. I've been here in this foreign soil long enough to miss my family, to miss my childhood friends, the greatest arch nemeses I ever have a.k.a the cousins, the alumni, and many more. I'll miss everything I have here - the parishioners of Our Lady of Mt.Carmel, Efford, Plymouth Unis CathSoc, Plymouth Uni students - u guys rock! we need to jam again soon hell yeah :) - and of course, the Marjonians. *sob..sob...sob* enough with that. Too many dramas. Lol.

Breathing the air of motherland is what I'm looking forward to, but don't get me wrong. It's just... I don't expect it to be this quick. There are more things that I wanted to do, and yet there are so little time left. I'm not being soapy here, it's just that I couldn't bear the thoughts that I'll be leaving England so soon. I'm not ready yet. But, when will I be ever ready? How can people believe the portraying facade when eventually it's torn inside? Things that once seemed to be definite once, I managed to put that away, although the decision made hurts both sides. But, again, until when?

Enough craps, enough lies. I just need more time. And space. Until I'm ready to be exposed to the world. Again. But when?


...genuinely comes from my heart and my brain, not from anywhere else unless stated...
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