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I am unwell. Yes, I am. Still, I force myself strumming on the guitar and singing. SINGING!!! That's why I lost my voice now! Coughing hard, but I dont care. As long as I drink enough water, I should be fine. I guess.

Anyways, I was on the phone with some friends that I didn't meet for some time, and they just simply throw questions like...'when are you getting married???"...and I was speechless. Girls, I'm still 23 and I have a long journey ahead. I need some time to prepare myself. Refer to my post here. :)

*uhuk...uhuk*...i think I'll just shut up from this point and get some rest.

I'm sorry. Maybe we're not meant to be. I can keep on asking for more time, but as I think, I began to notice that it's going to be the same thing - the thing that we feared all these while. It's just another maybe, but I can't keep standing on my toes and hurt you more and more...with everything that has happened between both of us?

I appreciate that. It's not just because you're too nice or what, it's just that you deserve someone much better than me.

I can ask from you all the time in the world, but all that I wish now is not to hurt you anymore.

I am sorry.

*crawls into the bed...crying softly hoping that people won't see how hurt I am deeply inside*
...genuinely comes from my heart and my brain, not from anywhere else unless stated...
3 Responses
  1. Adib Hitam Says:

    hahaha. kau nie Al. tiada transition la. 1st tue mcam x serious2. skalinya bawah 2 emo2 =.= saya ketawa sndiri oooo

  2. Awwww... hope u'll be alright there babe... -Keep calm & carry on-
    p/s: ndapayala ko nyanyi, hari2 hujan ko taw ka :P

  3. :Adibah:

    hahaha! yg ats tuu ak main2 syak. just digging out the memories of conversation between friends a few days back. tapi yg 2nd tuu ndapayahlaa emo2. i've been thinking hard for the past 1yr and maybe inilaa yg spttnya. sdih, bt life has to go on.


    haha i'm alright dear. just prlukan sdikit ketenangan spya sy dpt fikir dgn lebih waras huhuhu~
    p/s:tambirang ko sna, sy mnyanyi utk halau hujan bah. hahaha~