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Hello peeps :)

And i'm back again. *uhuk2* cobwebs everywhere! How can you people stand this? Anyways, ignore my wild imagination. It's just me procrastinating from doing my assignment which is due one goddamn week from now! Grrrr~

How was ur Easter break peeps? Oh, sorry. My bad. I completely forgotten that not everyone's enjoying holidays now. LOL. yeah. I had a brilliant *uhuk2* Easter break this year, lounging in the common room with my beloved iPod Touch and my Blackberry, replying BBMs like a boss and do whatever I want except for doing my assignment. Talking about assignments, what is an assignment anyway? *dasar lupa apa itu assignment lepas habis dissertation*

So, what did I do during my Easter break? Well, ... *twiddling my fingers*... I... celebrated my birthday. Haha. Yeap. I had two celebrations this year and both of them are super-awesome-licious!!! Considering I don't have one last year due to Malaysian Festival, *yea, I know (-.-)"* so I had a grand one this year. I still enjoyed it though, although I don't think I get any from my wishlist this year. Whatever. But I still get presents anyway :D
And then, we do nothing. Except for makan-makan and lounging around in the sun. On sunny days, of course. And main bubut-bubut and again, lounging and flicking and tapping my iPod like a boss. And replying to BBMs like I have no life. And that's how I spent my Easter break.

Last but not least, happy belated 23rd birthday to me...*singing to myself*

...genuinely comes from my heart and my brain, not from anywhere else unless stated...
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  1. Aha. Happy birthday again :P

  2. happy belated birthday sayang...wlcome day i will fulfill ur wishlist if i can and also if god allow me..miss u so much sayang..