aurelia alviana Fedora
i went for a walk together with my church mates to Shaugh Prior, Dartmoor. The weather's not excellent for a walk, but we just cracked on anyway. Well, I liked the fantastic view there. I liked places with beautiful views. Didn't manage to capture all, but at least I got to campture some, aite?

Let the pictures do the talkings :)

the river.

Rohit and Damien (and John as well) was telling Jack (the large Border Collie) to collect the stick in the river. Fetch!!!

the river.again.

they were walking ahead of us.

dare to go vertically??

Barbara :)

the river view from a higher peak

an old abandoned house.

...just next to the abandoned house. which I don't even know what's that.

the weather. not excellent, right?

Can't take more pictures cuz I was too busy catching up with our journey. Nonetheless, it was awesome! Should go again some other time :)

As a result to that, now I have headache and my body aches all over. Urgh. Have to rest. Till then peeps, bye :)

-nukilan al yang chantek ahakz :P-
2 Responses
  1. dannyism Says:

    OMG! im sooo gonna go there one day!!!!!!!! u r definitely taking me howkey, bebeh?? even if u dnt wnt to, u just cnt say no coz who else am i goin 2 burden if im goin there ryte?? :)

  2. hahah! i will momma! just let me knw if u wanna come here and we will deffo go there coz i'm so in love with that place! hahaha~