aurelia alviana Fedora
I want a boy best friend who will call me beautiful, and like my photos on Facebook, commenting on them saying things such as the fact he's proud to have my as a best friend. One that I can call up, crying about other boys, and him saying he'll beat the shit out of them for me. A boy best friend that will drive me around like they're my big brother, or kiss me on the cheek/forehead when he knows i'm upset. One who becomes friends with my boyfriend and one who calls me up to see what i'm doing. I want a boy best friend who will tell me when I am wrong, and force me into fixing things and apologizing because he knows that it will make things better for me. I just want a perfect boy best friend, who will love me and protect me from all of the other boys. <3

beth mcgonigle 16.2.11 ♥

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p/s:   i'm not going to hurt you. so please dont hurt me. u got it? i'm not going to hurt myself so please dont hurt yourself too. thank you :)

-nukilan al yang chantek ahakz :P-
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