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Great. Just great. The upgrading jobs are not done so there are some houses that will be affected. Guess that the word affected best describes the situation since people don't pray for the things to happen, right? Glad that my house's not one. Therefore, I'm still happy blogging here! Yippie! Beba came over to charge her lappy. Trus laa online smadi nganti ada karan balit nak. Hahaha.

She came, with a pizza and a box of ice-cream. HEAVEN!!!!! Imagine guys, the sun's scorching hot outside (but I like the heat :P it's not as same as the Malaysian scorching hot sun!!!!) with one cup of tri-flavoured ice-cream, would not it make a day for you? By the way, it's not enough for me because I am DAYYUM bored in this room! Back to the issue, we google-ing, facebook-ing and what else? Yeah, let's take a look into the oven. Oven, baby! Hahahha~

Nasib the pizza's not burned. Well, a pizza and a cup of ice-cream's still not enough to express how bored I am rite now. Dayyum! *again, with the word 'dayyum...[sigh]* We continued google-ing, facebook-ing, and suddenly I saw my camera at the edge of the bed in a quite-messy room. Dang! I haven't got the time to edit and do some touch ups on the pictures I captured at Stonehenge last Saturday. Yupp. I have all the time in the world, I am just damn too lazy to do it. Great. Just great.

Ben came over and we talked and talked. Click. click. Laugh. Laugh. Eat. Laugh. Click. Ahah. Cinema time! By the way, I've just watched Killers last Sunday. It was awesome! Kudos to Ashton Kutcher and Katherine Heigl. It was superb. Cute. Super cute. I like it. And of course, sexaaaayyyy :P Hahahah! I guess I'll update y'all with my personal movie reviews. Checkidaut~

Till the next post, I <3 my life :)
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  1. Beattrice Says:

    pizza & ice-cream!!!
    i'm having pizza now & it's 10++pm...
    i'm so going to gain weight..
    sia2 the diet.hahaha