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Yes, that's what the title says. Get over it. Get over the old feelings. Honestly, I tried to be tough, get over the old feelings but I can't. Those two guys that have been in my life before really gave me a deep blow in my head until each time I think of them, my head feels like it's going to burst anytime. God, what have I done? I miss both of you. You are great pals to me. And nothing can ever replace our friendship. :(

Z and I met during our sophomore years, I guess. X and I met at one camp. Those two guys, Z and X never know each other. Why, of course they don't because they are not in the same school, not even stayed in thesame region of Sarawak. But to me, both of them are the greatest guy best friends I once ever had. Only if that misunderstandings did not occur, we would not have been separated far like this...

Z's now studying far abroad, opposite with me. X's still in Sarawak. I guess X would have hated me by now. I once pretended that this might be the karma for him; he used to be a playboy before. I would never expected that our relationship once meant to be more than friends. Guess everything's over by now. Z? I would rather keep the story to myself. We both were hurt by that time, but I guess he's happy now. And I'm happy for him though I felt a bit hurt inside. Why? Again, maybe it's because of the old feelings.

I wish to get rid of these old feelings. Why? I want to be 100% perfect for him. For my beloved hubby. Of course people are not 100%, but at least why don't give it a try, right?

"Al, ku mcm mok g town
mok join x?"

A message in the skype. Beba cam tauk2 jak. Hahaha. Apa lagik? *evil smile*

Since I am still out of idea of how to susun my sentence, better I take a break and go out. Hahhaa! Till my next entry, daa!~~
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  1. Beattrice Says:

    hahha..tang ada my comment in skype appeared here..ngek!

  2. hahaha!!!apa slhnya kta gunakan kan?hahaha~