aurelia alviana Fedora

I admit it; it's my fault. Yupp, from your look, I guess that you hate me by now. Hate me then, if that pleases you. I make you feel sad, I make you feel down. I shun you off whenever you are in need. How pathetic I am. You never talk to me ever since, what more to say looking me in my face. I deserve that. I don't deserve to ask for your apology. Therefore, I won't say 'Will you forgive me?' 'cause I'm afraid I might repeat it again in the future. I've been thinking deeply for few days, but I guess nothing can change your mind. Thank you for doing a lot for me, for all these while. I treasure you most, my bestie. Therefore, in this post I won't mention your name. You know who you are, Yes, you. Like I've said before, you'll remain my bestie even if there's anything happen between us. And nothing can ever change that. You can always count on me, though I feel like you won't trust me any more after this. I luv you babe, and I will always will. For the thousand countless times, once again, I would like to say 'I'm sorry for hurting your feelings...' Honestly, that wasn't my intention. It's my fault for not holding to my words. And it's my fault because I am a kind of 'xda pegangan'. I guess I am. I guess that's it. I hope what's happening between us won't affect our friendship, though I guess I am too late to say so...

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