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I sat at my desk facing my laptop, thinking hard. There are times when I really need to think hard. Yupp. Because I do not know how to differentiate between tiredness and weariness. At times, I think both are same. Crap. This is insane. Still, I want to talk about this whole insane thingy in this blog because I am so damn bored and do not even have the slightest idea of what should i put in this I-never-realise-that-this-whole-thingy-is-crap blog; I think this is the lamest part of me. Cop3; does this word exist??? (lamest?wujud ke??thinking hard..)

MESC06 for me is an interesting subject. But OMG, i would have never know that tasks would queue this fast!! I giggled when I saw a bunch of my coursemates rushed to the library looking for this so-called book...which I didn't remember who is the author. (Guys, I am one of the good old chaps rushing for the book, you know.LOL) Poor guy. Sorry. Someday soon I'll cite you in this blog. I can assure you that. *wink2* I don't think that relates to the tiredness or the weariness i felt till now. Move on to the next story. Next, please!

That afternoon, Beba, Imma, Auni, Fong, Shah, Ben, David, Adibah and I went to the town accompanying Iylia, Auni, Imma and David to the bank (they haven't open their account). So after waiting for i-dont-know-how-long-have-i-been-waiting-for-them minutes, we all went kononnya wanted to have lunch at Nawroz.I was really frustrated when several friends started to leave us and head to Nawroz themselves. Begitulaa kawan. Instead of Nawroz, we had our lunch at McDonald here at the Royal Parade (is that the name of the place?) and watched people evacuating several areas. I'm not quite sure with what I heard but there must be something with bomb. Makes me feel as if I was in a James Bond action scene. Hurrah. Felt so glamourous. Chewah.

Well, hafta leave now. Till we meet again...chalo bette!

And once again, I wuff my life :)
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