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I get overly sensitive when I don't get what I'm supposed to get. I mean equality. Well, I come from a family that...well, I don't know...but I just feel that equality should be more practiced. U get what I mean?

I have four siblings including me myself, and we are all princesses. No brothers. Being the eldest daughter is a tough thing for me. I'm the first to get everything, but some things are not meant to be yours. I am the guinea pig, and being a guinea pig is not entirely awesome, but, yeah, I have to admit, not entirely a sorrowful experience either. It's my bittersweet thing. I don't get what I want, but I get something in replacement later on. Although it's not on par as my choice (mind you, I'm a bit...ermmm...on the top-notch, maybe?), I learned to appreciate what has been given to me, which is a good thing, really. God, what am I ranting about here, really???

Having sisters can sometimes be a pain in the arse, really. Especially when you have sisters who are capable of outwitting you in anything. Jealousy is normal. Everyone experiences that. But, having parents who pays more attention to the 'more capable' ones makes you feel a, super duper inferior! To make it worse, when everyone is far away from home, when you get to give your parents a call, don't tell me you don't feel the heartbreaking moment when they complained to you that their 'favourite son slash daughter' didn't give them a call. What the fuck. Pardon my language, I just don't know who to throw my anger at, whether it's my sister or my parents. Quickly wiping the tears away. Damn...told you earlier right, I get overly sensitive with these kind of things.

Sometimes I just wished if I ever have a brother. Maybe things won't be this way. Or maybe not. Who knows. But I'm still lucky to have my moo, my angel, my little red devil, my cupcake, my teddy bear, my oppa, my all, my everything. He's just the best thing I ever have. Thank you for lifting me up during the times when I feel so down, and thank you for all the cherishing moments. And most of all, thank you for loving me and accepting me for who I am. Thank you so much, syg.

...and yes, I love you too, honeybear :)

 ...genuinely comes from my heart and my brain, not from anywhere else unless stated...
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    am here tooooo~