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Today is Wednesday. Marks the third day in the third week. And I think I'm starting to accept the fact that I'm back in the motherland for good. It's not that the reality hasn't hit me all these while, but I just choose to ignore the fact that I've come back home. Ohh well.

Now that I'm back in the college, everything seems a bit...fuzzy. Or weird. Of course, it's like those days where we were still in the foundation years, but that's just the outer appearance. The college has its own wifi now, with LOADS and LOADS and HELL LOADS of INTERNET RESTRICTIONS!!!! What I found to be the most ridiculous thing is that, the college blocked the other blogging applicaton but not Blogger! (Thank God they didn't block this, at least I have a place where I can rant for nothing LOL!) I was like, WHAT THE HELL?? They're just blogs, it's not even the God-forsaken Facebook or anything! Anyways, I won't worry about that, but seriously guys, you can't google the word PHONOLOGY because of the word PHONO. Ohh yes, sounds very...PERVERT. And pedophile. Why don't you guys go and write your own dictionary? The goddamn word doesn't even have any relations to 'it'. AT ALL. Darn (-.-)"

I have expected the least that these people would change their mentality, knowing that we have studied at the Queen's land for three years. And guess what, they never change. I won't hide my disappointment, to be honest. No wonder many Malaysians choose not to return at all. Serves those kiss-ass people right. In their goddamn face.

I'm sorry, it's not that I'm not grateful for what I've got, it's just that I'm super frustrated with everything.

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