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Hello peeps :)

I just came back from the awesome-est Eurotrip everr :) It was the awesome-est, craziest, most happening and the wildest trip I ever had :) Went to France, Swiss, Italy, passed by Austria, spent some time in Germany, had a massive knockout in Netherlands and spend sweet moments in Belgium. 7 countries in 12 days, and time well-spent (read: hectic). Will blog about the trips bit by bit soon, after I fully recovered.

By the way, I had this addiction towards these two songs. I just love it! (p/s: reminds me of my fun times in Florence lols!) Want to know what are those songs? Check it out!

1. Don Omar ft Lucenzo - Danza Kuduro

It must've been played in the radio that time...can't remember well, and we were playing Dumb Charade when we listened to this song. Yes, we were very loud (sorry peeps! but that's what youngsters do when they're utterly bored lol) but this song really sticks in my mind ever since. Don Omar rocks!!!

2. Kanye West ft Rihanna - All of the Lights

I super LOVE this song! They keep on playing this song in and oh well, how can I say no to these genres of songs right? ;)

Till then, happy reading people! :)

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