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Pardon me in the first place, if my language is not on the right track. I am pretty sure this post is gonna be tunggang langgang since I am still mamai and I just woke up from my beauty sleep. :)

Yayy. The title says it. Though I spoil on one module *blah, I ain't care anymore* but seriously, nothing beats the feeling of handing your essay paper when your summer break has actually started. I was like, what the f*** you think when you constructed this essay question?? Trust me, if I were to choose where or who to put the blame on, the factors vary, but then let's just ignore it since I'm gonna enjoy my freedom now :)

Right. What is my planning for the summer break? Seriously guys, I have no idea. I'm not going back to Malaysia for the break *ampuuunn! malas baa :p bah, tahun dpn laa kita jumpa k* and I don't even have the slightest idea on how I shall be spending my summer holiday here. All that I know is that for sure there will always be Guitar Hero and Band Hero and Lips and Singstar and I can name all the games I can play on the consoles :) and perhaps, off to the beach *plss! i need my sweet escape to the beach! sudalaa sia keraja on weekends kan?? anduk oo T____T* and of course, more fun stuffs to be done like windsurfing, horse riding and canoeing, by God's willing *if jadi laa aa. mana tau indak jadi bikin malu jak sia bragging cni haha* ...and on the 22nd of July I'll be off to somewhere for 12 DAYS woot woot!! I'll save the details in my next post :)

To seal my 2nd year degree off, this is my coursework handing in receipt yayyy!!

notakaki: BLIND=YES. saya tak buta okke (-.-)"

-nukilan al yang chantek ahakz :P-
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