aurelia alviana Fedora
I cried. Yes, I cried just now. Honestly, I feel more relieved after crying just now. Feels like haven't been crying for ages. And yes, do cry your heart out if you feel like wanting to do one. It do eases your feelings. :)

Shun me. Shun me not. Do whatever as you please, but don't ever think that by shunning me makes me being envious of you just because you get more attention from people around you rather than me. I can live without other people's attention. In fact, I don't need one. In which, I don't need to act cute or whatsoever that is similar because I just HATE BEING ONE! Full stop. *inhale, exhale* Now, I feel much, much better.

p/s: this post is written about two months ago and I forgot to click 'Publish Post'. Funny. XD
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