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People say it's easy to forgive and forget. Yes, I used to practice that once. But not anymore after the incident that changed my entire life. I never realised that I am a new me now. Or, more or less the 'before UK' me. A rebellious me. A hot-tempered me. And yes, a never-care-about-anyone-else me.

I learned to be considerate. I learned to be patient. I learned to meddle with my temper, and the list goes on. It's like I've changed into another me who is totally different. An ignorant me, a happy-go-lucky me, a bubbly me, and still remains the same, a never-care-about-anyone-else me. So fake, so pathetic yet so true. No, seriously guys, it's not fake; I've really changed. A revolution of ME.

After the 'humiliating' incident, my temper came back. It's sad, isn't it? I tried to forgive and forget since those who did it are those who I loved dearly, but I can't. It's a painful memory I can never erase. I can never forgive them; that's the hardest fact I have ever to accept when I still crave for hope that someday I will be able to forgive them again. I can never do that again. It's painful. Even when the time I type this post, my tears running down the cheeks. What shoud I do? Forgive and forget? I tried. Getting better and better as the days passed by. Apologies accepted. And today, I failed. I failed again. I failed twice. What should I do?

Almighty God, You are the Greatest of all nation, I humbly request to You, heal the wound in my heart, guide me gently so that I may return to Your path O Lord, and never let me go astray again. Bless my family, Lord, for I love them dearly; they are the dearest to my heart. Bless the people around me O Lord, for they are the source to Your guidance in my life. Let me feel Your presence around me Lord. Guide me, Lord so that I may be able to forgive, to forget and to love them once again. In Jesus' name, I pray. Amen.

I love him, the apple of my eye :)

sisters are best friends forever despite the age gaps :)

they are the dearest to my heart. I heart them all :)

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4 Responses
  1. azarsyafiq Says:

    al sabar bnyk2 al..bila kite makin besar n dewasa, makin bnyk tanggungjawab, cabaran n dugaan. furthermore u r a MAM officer sekarang ni. tanggungjawab to lead people is on ur shoulder. mcm2 lg cabaran akan dtg. u have to learn to face it professionally..sabar n doa bnyk2 ok..

    p/s: hye adik azar..ahaks..

  2. :) chill :) i'm cool, seriously :) thnx for d words azar..:)

    p/s:ko nie ckp hai kt yg mne 1?ak ade 3 org adik tau..hahaha...

  3. tq ika...i'm cool :) thnx hun :) <3