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As I have promised earlier, I will be changing my blog 'look' on my 100th entry. Yupp. Tadaa!! Believe me, it was hard for me to choose a new look. Everything happens for a reason, babe. Believe me, I'm not bluffing this time. Though I know I'm crapping all these while. Bahahaha. Happy 100th entry, miss Beluggie! Hope u're happy today :) well, of course, with the 'new appearance'. XD Well, moving on to the details. DETAILS, honeybees! :)


Well, as I've said earlier, everything happens for a reason. I chose the previous header with such wordings..yada yada.. that's for my past. And the past is the past. I will not tolerate with my past any longer. I've decided to move on and yupp, be a new me. And voila! The 'new' me has resurfaced! Crap. Mirage here represents the state of my mind each time I put a new entry in the blog. Science explains that mirage is a phenomenon in which light rays are bent to produce a displaced image of distant objects or the sky..yada yada.. enough with the scientific explanation. Anyways, mirage is also another word for 'fantasy' which I believe that some of the crappings in this beluggie is real crap and some are based on factual reasoning. Again. another bulls**t of crap. Hahaha.

2. PURPLE :)

Gomennasai to Beba :) Bahahaha, not that I purposely choose purple to be the colour theme for this blog, but I can't find any nicer pinkies!!! For God's sake, I won't be choosing pale pink! Ask people in House 16 and they know why :P Again, the greys, whites and blacks represents issues in the past. Keep it simple. :) I like the flowers and the butteflies, though. It's a pity that it's late summer a.k.a early autumn and the leaves are falling. Still, I like the falling maple leaves. Nice scenery. Kudos to the leaves, though they're falling. And hey, let's say welcome in advance to the winter season! You better watch, you better not cry, you better not pout I'm telling you why, Santa Claus is coming to town :) lalala...singing Christmas songs!! :) Owh I love Christmas, and of course, back in Malaysia and obviously back home. I miss mummy's cakes :(

Let me show you the ones that I've decided for the beluggies:-

I like this one. It looks elegant. Classy gitu. But then, come to think of it; don't it look a bit...urm...sophisticated?

hehe :) I like this one :)

Bah, until the next entry, toodles :)
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4 Responses
  1. Beattrice Says:

    purpleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!LOVIN ur new bloggie look :)

    hahaha..pale pink?NO NO NO & NO!
    kahkahkah!lets go for striking brighter pink :P

  2. thank you thank yoU!! *\(^.^)/*

    no PALE BINK! ahaha, i will find a bright striking pink, trust me! wahahah!

  3. azarsyafiq Says:

    blog ko da gua gak cam sampah..

  4. eleh.bler mase? ak ske je tgk.rawk dude! ak ske ko nyer heading tuu. stylo! :))