aurelia alviana Fedora's been a long time since the last time I blog-hopping...(i thought it has just been only a few days back after my last blog, but it seems like a long way back to the past reminiscing my black-and-white stories.Ahah!!~~) It's because...eheh...~.* i got my baby PINK dy!! I love her and will alws be ^^ I knw that my sayang's very pissed because of her colour, but what to do, she's PINK!!! (everybody goes *YAY!!!!* clap3!!!~~)

Well. one thing that I like is she's PINK!! secondly, I am not lonely anymore...especially on Valentine!!! O0wwhh..T.T well, that doesnt matter anyway ^________^ (big grin coz baby PINK is sitting beside me now :D) thirdly, I just love her...isnt she adorable???hehehe...

It's just temporary before I planned to look for her bigger brother Ibanez..Oops!!!! Forgot to mention that my baby PINK is my newly bought guitar!! Hahahah!!! Well, here she is...check out yo!!

Yea3...she's what??? But I love her anyway...she's a junior 3/4 acoustic guitar...hopefully in the mean time I can find a bigger one..Ibanez perhaps...for my birthday!!! Well, check out my upcoming entry for her brotha da Ibanez!! Chalo bette~~
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