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It's 12:13am now and suddenly I feel like wanting to find some food. Funny, but true. I dont want to eat in the middle of the night anymore! Duhh...rite nw..(after pesan kat Pedot that day), I have some frozen non-halal chicken wings, nuggets, chicken dipper and *TADAAA!!!*...

...mozzarella chesse...the already grated one...

...and a packet of rice vermicelli.

Honestly, I missed mi kolok now. Maybe someday I shall ajak kawan2 gather makan2 mi kolok together. After all, it's nt difficult to prepare a simple one. Teheheh. Trust me, I've tried my best to cut down the amount of my daily consumptions, but I feel like my efforts are not enuf. Maybe I should go to the gym instead. No; go to work! Well, I'm on the way right now...when I got the job I'll sure give y'all a ringing bell. Hahaha!!!

I think I should story a bit about mi kolok in the upcoming entry. To my sayang out there, selamat berpraktikum :) wuv u vewy2 bageg o0..hihi (blaja ngan emily LOLs)
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