aurelia alviana Fedora
i was on the net since two in the afternoon, and guess what, that THINGY that i waited long didn't show up.

OUR ALLOWANCE. they expect that everyone really depends on FaMa Sdn.Bhd.???

now,it's six in the signs of it.


PLEASE LAA...if u all are not confident enough,just don't tell me when d allowance's coming out laa....yup,maybe u're right when u told d seniors but hey guys, whre's d ALLOWANCES for the PRE-DEGREE STUDENTS????

*mentang2laa kitorang blm msk degree pgrm kan...*...*sigh*...
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2 Responses
  1. ija Says: allowance came earlier than the supposed date...JPA's so nice lately..

  2. aurelia Says:

    huh...u nvr knw hw much i suffer just to get it ja...dhlaa xberbaloi...hwaa...hehehe...