aurelia alviana Fedora
well,where should i start?i havent open my FRIENDSTER for quite a period...busy,i should say...(busy kay02...:P)...and when i opened it today, what a surprise...i found this thing in my waiting-for-approvals comments...

something that sounds..."my webcam's finally working..bla..bla..."...

i'm not sure whether my friends play with this thingy or not...but eventually,i dun really likey that,i dun think my friends really meddle with that kind of thing...PORNO,my friends...

yeap,i agree to the extent that maybe i should open my mind and just pretend that nothing is happening..but can i believe that my friends did that to me?well,i received three of it this morning..and one of it was sent by my best friend...and i know that she was not that,IT WAS SENT AT THREE IN THE MORNING!can you believe it??she couldnt have been staying up till that hour.i strongly believe that her FRIENDSTER has been hacked by someone out there...and who is it????

well,hackers are anywhere now dear....and we can never know who are them....

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3 Responses
  1. aUNioNEe Says:

    i received d same thng.mrapek gile!!aduhh

  2. ija Says:

    heya al..i was one of the vicyim too..huhu
    ther goes my rep..haiz
    it waa last year (just b4 i went back to sibu 4 xmas)
    luckily ben told me my fs was hacked

  3. aurelia Says:

    ya..i knw that tough k...hehe