aurelia alviana Fedora
The weather was damn hot. *sigh*. Wished I had an ice-cream now. Might s0othe me, might not. Who knows. As i was busy ‘blaming’ the throbbing pain in my head, i froze...suddenly. Jesse McCartney...Leavin’...0kay;n0 feelings.peri0d.why??my headache st0ps me fr0m letting g0 n listening 2 my fav s0ng!!*sigh*.again,there g0es my sigh.*sigh again*i wanna eat ice-cream!!!!*yelling*...*thumping d right foot*...0kay;ill st0p it.kiddies stuffs...*sigh again*...
*absolute emancipation*
i actually have no idea on why, but i insist on putting this quote in this post. idk why,but i can sense that the element of attraction that pulls me hard 2 contemplate is there. there is nothing corelates me with this quote.i'm just..clueless..
*unconditional demolition*
another clueless just went popping into my mind abruptly; and a few seconds later it just went i've never said those words before.FGS,i really never thought of such qoutes, but i can feel that i'm interested 2 knw why i'm totally attracted 2 such kind of quotes.maybe i can find a positive answer...maybe sooner, maybe later *wink2*..*big grin*
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