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My journal for this week; I was just about to start writing something for this week, but there was something that make me froze for about ten minutes—and at the end, I barely had any creative ideas to be put into this week’s edition! Fine... *sigh*. Perhaps I should come up with some brilliant ideas for my 2008 Christmas resolution. Anyway, it’s too early to think about it. So, live life as usual and enjoy.

My life has been cramped with tonnes of assignments which are now waiting for the deadline to be adhered. Honestly, I experienced a dull life lately—in front of the lapt0p, ‘surfing’ Microsoft Word 2007, pictures snapping, and the so-called most interesting activity (NOT!), designing new desktop backgrounds. Well, back to the basic, nothing beats music. LOL. There I go again, banging my head as I enjoy the techno music that drifted me awhile before I realised that it is almost twelve midnight and I better get my sleep so that I will be more prepared for the next day’s class. Some sort of self-motivation. It works. *Wink*

 The Raya holiday is coming soon. To be honest, I am not keen of going back for my holiday. Well, what should I say now? The past is the past, and all I can do now is preparing me myself to head for the future. Am I right? Most of the time, I feel that life is troublesome. And there are times when I feel I cannot bear the jeopardy and at the end, I end up crying. Is the world full of tears? What goes around comes around. Again, to console myself, I let myself be drifted away as I listen to music. Nothing beats music. *smile*
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2 Responses
  1. Davidozz Says:

    y not keen to go back for holidays??

  2. aurelia Says:

    dun wanna sshkan my parents laa...
    aftr all nt me al0ne nw faraway frm d sis 0s0...
    yg tuu lg dhsyat,nw in kl..heheh...:)