aurelia alviana Fedora
1) Partnership commitment.

Pfft. Yeah, so this time...emm...I'm gonna talk about partnership commitment.

As in...emm...marriage life. Or...engagement. WTH???

So...*fingers twiddling that turns the atmosphere into AWKWARD silence*...

Yeah. Some of my friends have engaged, and quite a few have tied their knots in a so-called blissful marriage life. Blahh. I'm just not there yet. Not even close. Not even a bit. I'm SO not ready, yet. Don't even think that I'm almost there, yet. No, no, and no.

p/s: I want a beach wedding. But, not till I'm fully settled. I still have my own dreams to fulfill. Till then, I shall enjoy my life as a single lady. :))

2) Body shapes.

To the girls out there with this body shape, (referring to the picture below)...

...i hate you guys.

No, don't get me wrong. I don't hate you. I just envy your body curves!

It really makes me feel inferior. Seriously. Pfft.

Enough with the rants. I need to get back to work. Till I'm back again on the bloggerspace, don't miss me too much. Tchau tchau!

...genuinely comes from my heart and my brain, not from anywhere else unless stated...
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