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Hi peeps.

I've been saying all these while that I'll be MIA due to the dissertation writing, but it seems that I can't really be bothered because I need to get away from the workload stress BADLY!!! I've been indulging myself in crazy stuffs lately *don't worry folks, I haven't come to the sense that drugs can make me happy. Euww.* Anyways, yea, what have I been up to lately? Nothing much, to be honest. Doing crazy shit stuffs and losing my mind and being the 'dajal' as always and whatever you can think of, yea, you name it. Except for drinking excessively. Hahaha. No excessive drinking? So not me. Anyways, me life??? Tadaa!

Part I: Dissertation

Six weeks more and I'll end my relationship with Mr.Dissertation weehuu! It's been a pleasure being with my ohhsemm Mr. Dyslexia (sampai me myself pun having a second thought about being dyslexic. palis2!!). Yeah, I've been working hard (read: procrastinating) on the dissertation and things are going quite well *ehemm!* Haha! And please people, don't mistaken me for having a syndrome of mental illness when I start to crap because I'm 101% positive that I'm still fine and sane :p

Hello, drafts.

  books. and more books. and articles. and and and the list goes on *faints*

my current state.

Ahh, well. Weekend comes and weekend goes, 5 weeks left till the deadline. Till then, I'm preparing myself to be a pickled vegetable.

Part II: Social

Last week was Rohit's birthday. Went out for a couple of drinks, ranting for a while in the social networking *you know which one, dont you?* and went back to bed. And the Part I *refer to the above* cycle goes again. It's the Re-freshers Week this week, so what do you expect from these people tonight? I'm gonna curl myself in the duvet and think about the ways to tame the 'dajal' me. Or so it says. Hahaha. And next week, it's Rex's birthday bash. So, to go or not to go? *thinking*

the 'jajal' me. >:P

That's all for now, folks. Till I'm done with my dissertation, adios :)

...genuinely comes from my heart and my brain, not from anywhere else unless stated...
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