aurelia alviana Fedora
Just look at the title. Yes. It's true. I miss my old life. The life where I am being free, I am not feeling stressed or depressed all these while, the life where I dont have to pretend that I am happy. That's the point. Why should I pretend that I am happy when all these while I am not happy at all? Kesian my babyboo jadi mangsa keadaan. Don't misunderstood; the babyboo I mean here is not my sayang. It's my guitar. In fact, I hid all these from my sayang because he had heard enough from me. I just dont want him to be burdened of what do I feel rite now. *Sigh*...need to go back to my babyboo and keep on expressing my feelings.*Heavy sigh*...
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2 Responses
  1. why aren't u happy?
    is life very good here? (:

  2. i said in my past post dear,thre are things better left unsaid :) yes,life's very good here but there are something which i miss more...:)