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12.48p.m. Still sitting in the living room at home, watching the Indonesian telenovela 'Demi Cinta'. Just like the Korean drama 'Autumn In My Heart'. Boredom fills the atmosphere. One month left before the departure to Heathrow. The first group will depart to Beijing next week. How time flies.

12.59p.m. Still doing nothing. The Indonesian telenovela also have finished. Still, I don't even have the slightest idea what should I do now. WTH... I sigh. Laying down, watching the ceilings above. Blank. Clueless. I raced up the stairs, reached for my 'New Moon' and started to read from the page where I stopped last night. My next aim: GET THE NEXT SAGA -'ECLIPSE'-!!~~

1.05p.m. It's past lunch time. Not hungry at all because I just had a bowl of Maggi ayam. Still regret that I haven't watch these movies!!~~

2. G-I JOE
3. ICE AGE (i can't recall what is the actual name of the movie)
I bet there are more movies and I'm not sure when will I have the time to watch these movies again. Gosh, how I miss to watch these movies...
p/s: Can anyone please tell me what to do now??I'm trapped in the ultimate boredom!!~~
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4 Responses
  1. farid_izzat Says:

    wah2... x saba2... hahaha

  2. aurelia Says:

    bkn xsaba2 keroro...aku boring laa...
    kwu bla ada cuti gyk pok?

  3. Anonymous Says:

    poring...poring rasa la rugi ko x nanggar hpotter ya. bes mok mati. ice age:dawn of dinasaur ya iboh padah gk. any way sila2 lawat poring d blog eh..hihi. poring melompat dolok!!!

  4. aurelia Says:

    poring:tq!uda ngga.xupdate apa2 gyk ka?