aurelia alviana Fedora
I'm am shockingly in a hectic state right now. With all the events coming up as if there's no tomorrow, I am helpless.

I have classes from 9 in the morning till 6 in the evening on Mondays, and that's if I have Academic Support session. (I am in the 2nd Yr and I still have to go for Academic Support session?? WTH??) I have classes from 9 till 4 on Tuesdays, continued with music practice at Plymouth University Chaplaincy frm 7 till 8 in the evening. I have lectures on Thursdays at 12. I have seminars on Fridays frm 9 till 11. I work on weekends frm 6 till 10 in the morning. Basically, I have no life.

Sometimes I wish I can quit doing everything that I have done and have a fresh new start on something I have not done before. Believe me, it's not as easy as I could just say it out. It's hard. It's painful. Especially when you have allocate time for something and it turns out to be cancelled at the very last minute. That's not a nice thing, isit? Well, that's life. There will always be unexpected things happen at the very last minute.

Basically, I have no life. And my ramblings end here. Ignore my post. Thank you.

-nukilan al yang chantek ahakz :P-
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