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Yes, as the title have said. or so it is. I'm back, and I'm back to UK peeps. Sorry for abandoning this blog for quite some time. U know how the internet connection works in Malaysia, so I have no needs in explaining it further. Bahahaha. Let me share wif ya some few things about my holiday:-

1. I did not go anywhere except balik kampung. Yes, I really did not go anywhere. Don't believe my bluffs; I did spend some time...a week or so in KL. Yupp, I was in KL for a week. And that's when I lost my phone. Bullshit that taxi man for not returning my LG phone! Never mind, I got a new one now. So, kira sedekah je laa. But don't ever hope that I halalkan that phone. Mintak2 tangan korang berkudis pas pkai phone tuu...AMINNN!

2. Friends, lovers and lover friends! Beba, Sern and Nick came to Bintulu! It was not meant to be that way, but I blamed series of FACTORS which causes the 'ketidakjadian' of so many things! One of the big troublesome factors is the WEATHER. Kasiannn.. we'll see how it goes next time :)

I can't think of anything at the moment. With all the things happening around me which makes my head dizzy and my heart aches, I better stop and keep it to myself. Anyway, i like that song 'Love The Way you Lie' by Rihanna and Eminem. Check this out :)
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  1. Beattrice Says: wasnt meant to be that way & it wasnt like what we've planned. but at least we have a GREAT day just for the 4 of us..hehehe